For a savvy shopper like you, it is no secret that coupons can make your shopping trip a whole lot more affordable than without them. Its also no secret that you can find cost-saving coupons on your loyalty accounts, in the paper, or from rebate apps. Here’s one thing you might not have known; you can request coupons from your favorite retailers and grocers direct! Here are some of the top companies to request coupons from:

Celestial Tea

If you love a good hot cup of tea as I do, you are no stranger to Celestial Teas. They offer high-quality tea blends in an assortment of flavors, 105 to be exact. The company has been around since 1969 and gracing store shelves ever since. When you contact this company, be sure to let them know what flavors excite your tastebuds, and you could receive a coupon for free tea on them. 


Yogurt products aren’t only healthy, they are delicious. Chobani offers high-quality products for the whole family. When you write this company they send you a handwritten thank-you note and coupons for their drinks and yogurt products. 


Proctor and Gamble is behind some of the most well-known household and beauty products on the market. Under its umbrella, it is responsible for brands such as Bounty, Charmin, Glade, OralB, Pampers, and Tide, to name a few. If you contact the company, it will send you a host of coupons for brands under it.

Pampers and Kotex

According to several online reports, Pampers claims they don’t mail out coupons. One correspondent, however, received a sample box with wipes, pampers, and baby body care products. Kotex also offers a small sample of their products complete with a coupon. 

Tips to Remember:

When requesting coupons, be sure to construct a well thought out letter direct to the company. Include what your favorite product(s) are and why you love the product or the company. Singing praise can get you some of the best deals. 

Many other brands will give you freebies and coupons for sending them praise and thanks in regards to their products. Do not be afraid to find the companies contact information and send them thanks. The list is not limited to the companies you see here. For a list of more top companies to request coupons from and what to write them, watch the video posted above. 

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