Does Kohl's Accept Expired Coupons

The one thing you need to remember about coupons is almost all of them expire. Rarely will you receive a coupon without an expiration date, it is unheard of! While it is important to keep track of those dates, some of your favorite stores are lenient when it comes to accepting expired coupons, find out if Kohl’s accepts expired coupons today.

Official Kohl’s Policy

Just like other stores, Kohl’s has an official coupon policy on file. You can check it out here. In that policy, it states you must use Kohl’s Cash during the promotional periods only. There is no official policy that I could find on their webpage about the use of their store coupons.

Can You Curtail the Policy?

When it comes to Kohl’s store coupons, you can not use them past their expiration date. That includes dollars off coupons and percentage off coupons like the family pass. You can not curtail around this policy. When it comes to Kohl’s cash there is an unofficial policy. The policy notes that Kohl’s Cash can be redeemed up to ten days past the expiration date. Keep in mind this policy does not have to be honored and will vary from store to store. I advise calling ahead and asking your local store what they do in these instances.

Other Ways to Save at Kohl’s

Now that you know you can get away with using expired Kohl’s cash, you may wonder about other ways to save. One way to save is by signing up for their rewards club. Every purchase gets you 5% cashback until it hits $5 Kohl’s cash. Another way to save is by joining a Kohl’s savings group. I regularly find special customer service codes and information on stacking codes. You can also look out for special mailers that are sent to your home.

I hope you find this information useful. See you at Kohl’s!

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