When you go grocery shopping, you’re shopping for much more than a meal to satisfy your loved ones. You are also shopping for deals. You want to score the best items at the lowest prices. In some states, this can be a challenge. With few national chain stores around and less dense populations, savings may not come easy. In Iowa, there are grocery stores that offer savings. Many allow you to use coupons, but do any of them double coupons?

Do Stores Double Coupons in Iowa

Out of all the grocery stores I located in the State, only two had a policy favorable to doubling coupons. At Shop n’ Save, they may double your coupons up to the value listed. There are some exclusions. Coupons must have a valid expiration date, cannot be for free items, and applies to “cents-off coupons.” There are other rules that you must follow. You can read up on them here. The other store I located was Hy-Vee. There seemed to be many locations in Iowa. This chain offers double coupon days in select locations. Up to 20 coupons can be doubled for up to fifty to ninety-nine cents each. Be sure to check out your local stores’ calendar of events or call to see if they double coupons at your location.

More Ways to Save

While we were not able to locate more stores that offer double coupon days, there are other ways to save. Check out cashback apps like Ibotta and Checkout51 to earn more savings after you shop. Be sure to get manufacturers coupons and internet coups and pair them up with in-store sales and promotions to maximize savings. Even though you have little access to chain stores, you can still catch great deals.

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