A number of readers have expressed interest in me doing another grocery coupon challenge this year along the lines of the Eating Well on $1 a Day Challenge and cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner for Six for Under $1 Challenge. Both those challenges were rather extreme to simply show that it could be done, but they are not challenges that I would ever suggest that others try beyond learning the basic skills that were taught which can be used by anyone wanting to decrease their grocery budget (for those who are new, I would suggest reading both those challenges to get a general idea of how extreme couponing works). This time I think I would like to attempt a challenge that anyone who would like to participate along with me could also attempt.

With this in mind, the next challenge will be to “eat organic on a food stamp budget.” For those that don’t want to eat organic, the challenge can easily be amended to “eat healthy on a food stamp budget.” I think by creating a challenge that is not easy, but is something that a lot of people in the US must do these days, we can get a group of people that also do the challenge along side me which will allow for a lot more ideas to be shared with everyone.

In addition, rather than simply beginning the challenge today, I will wait until May 1 to begin it. This will allow time for anyone just beginning to learn how to coupon to prepare so that, no matter what level they are, anyone can participate if they so choose. This will also give me the opportunity to show exactly what I do in the months prior so that everyone has the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and to share ideas.

This being a grocery coupon challenge, the first step is to make sure that we have plenty of coupons to use in order to get even better deals on top of the sale items when the challenge begins. That means starting to collect Sunday paper coupon inserts as soon as possible (here is the 2012 grocery coupon insert schedule). Since there are quite a few inserts in today’s paper, today is the perfect day to begin. The goal should be to get a minimum of two inserts each week, but ideally you should get 5 or more (the more the better). There are plenty of ways to get coupon inserts without having to pay for them, so now is a good time to begin to figure out how you will secure your coupon inserts in the weeks to come.

I think that this will be a fun and interesting challenge that is bound to be an adventure that creates a variety of interesting situation (at least if we go by past experience), and I’m excited that I will be able to learn from all those who decide to participate as the challenge takes place. I hope that many of you will decide that this is a good challenge to participate in and to share with any friends that you think would also benefit from such a learning experience (the more the merrier).

I’m off to the coffee shop to make sure I secure at least five coupon inserts this week. How do you plan to get yours?

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  1. This hit a very raw nerve for me. I don’t get food stamps, and get furious in grocery lines watching people using their food stamp cards to obtain foods that I simply cannot afford. If I weren’t paying such high taxes so people can waste my money buying extravagant foods, perhaps I could afford them.

  2. I look forward to seeing how you manage this. I have beed using coupons a lot more since I found this site and have been saving some money, so thanks! Since I am on the East Coast I especially like deals you point out at the national chains.

  3. Chad I think that your comment is way over the top. I for one am a working woman who has worked all my life since I was 16 years old, and I receive food stamps which I very much deserve since I pay taxes myself, so stop thinking that your taxes pay for everyone’s food stamp because they DON’T. Working people who pay taxes receive stamps as well. Stop being stereotypical!

  4. My daughter and I used to be avid couponers. However, I feel like there aren’t any good deals out there anymore. Jeffrey, I sure hope you prove me wrong and that this is your most successful challenge yet. I also hope this challenge also includes pictures of your beautiful nieces and at least one or two confrontations with indigenous wildlife.

  5. Has this challenge started yet? I don’t do much couponing nowadays, but I do have a few hints to share on how I save money while eating healthy food.

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