Finding grocery deals is not difficult as they are often advertised through in-store promotions, online advertisements, and weekly published ads. However, some deals may be posted by shoppers and require some effort to come across. To help you find the best grocery glitches and save money, here are some ways people are discovering the latest deals.

Social Media

A foolproof method to discover grocery glitches is by utilizing social media. I rely on Facebook to do the job for me. I regularly join numerous online coupon and deal groups specifically focused on the grocery stores I prefer. These groups often advertise deals and glitches that are currently available in-store or online. However, speed is of the essence when it comes to securing these deals as they are typically posted for a limited period before they expire. Social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube are also great places to find other grocery glitches. All you need to do is follow the right groups and people to keep updated.

Grocery Deal Websites

If you’re not into social media, consider checking out some reliable grocery coupon websites. I use a few, such as Krazy Coupon Lady and iHeart Publix, which are regularly updated with the latest deals, including glitches. Even if glitches aren’t your thing, you can still find amazing discounts. By using these websites, I save a lot on my grocery bills. Plus, they offer helpful coupon breakdowns that make my grocery planning and spending much easier.

Sample Glitch From This Week

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve run across several grocery glitches. My favorite was two days ago. They were selling a family-sized pack of roast sirloin for only six dollars per pound, which is a significant discount from its usual price range of $12-$20 per pound. However, customers discovered that it was ringing up for just under $7. The deal only lasted a few hours before the price went up to eight dollars, and the offer was no longer available. I learned about this sale from a Facebook group dedicated to finding Walmart glitches.

If you’re on the hunt for grocery savings, these are a few tips based on some of my recent experiences that may help you find some great deals. Happy hunting!

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