I have decided to go very basic with the Thanksgiving menu for a number of reasons. First and foremost, this meal ultimately needs to be edible and with my panache for completely ruining meals I make, basic is good. While I do ultimately hope to make some of the food from scratch (I will try to do this as a favor to all of you since I know you will feel much better about your own Thanksgiving meals no matter how many mistakes you may make after you see my attempts at creating this meal), I don’t want to go without food on Thanksgiving. The basics will be the back-up if I totally ruin something or I am unable to make it due to not being able to secure all the needed ingredients for under $1. I also may add some more things to the menu if I am able to get them for free and I believe they will compliment the basic meal. This is what I hope to get:

Turkey (here)
Stuffing (here)
Gravy (here)
Mashed Potatoes (here)
Rolls / Biscuits (here)
Cranberry Sauce (here)
Vegetables (here)
Pumpkin Pie (here)
Butter (here)
Salt (executive decision)
Pepper (executive decision)
Chicken Stock (here)
Hot Chocolate (here)
Milk (here)
Eggs (here)
Ice Cream (here)
Clementine Oranges (here)

The first order of business is to make a homemade pumpkin pie if I can secure all of the above items, but a pumpkin pie from scratch will take quite a few ingredients so I will wait to make that decision depending on how I do in getting all the other things I need. While I would really like to blow the socks off my sister with all I can get, even the above basics are going to test my skills.

Did I forget any essentials that will ruin the meal if I don’t have them? Do you have any questions on how I plan to make any of the above items?

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  1. As for “vegetables,” we normally have canned corn and canned green beans every year for Thanksgiving. Add a little butter and salt, which you already have on the list, and they’re a great side. I’d wager you can get a few cans of corn for next to nothing, particularly because they’re already inexpensive.

  2. I think you got all the traditional stuff. Of course my husband doesn’t like most of that stuff so our table always has to include a pizza as well, but that doesn’t really fit in the category of complimenting the rest of the meal.

  3. If your safeway still lets you use e-coupons with printed coupons, you can get a free 10lb bag of potatoes, coupon is in the safeway online coupon section. not cellfire or shortcuts.

  4. Remember if you get a deal on cranberries you can make your own sauce – yes, canned is easier (& often cheaper) but I’d hate for you to pass up cranberries if you have a chance! 1 bag berries + 1 C water + 1 C sugar http://bit.ly/cTqJtH

  5. @Andrea

    Unfortunately, the Safeways in my area have changed over to their new coupon program so no more combining eCoupons for me 🙁

  6. @Misty

    I don’t think a giveaway is going to cut it since the chances I win are slim. If the stars align, I should be able to get one (fingers crossed)

  7. Jeffrey, yeah, it’s a slim chance, but I wanted to share. Also, keep an eye out for the $1 off produce coupon on the Target site. It’s currently unavailable, but they’ve been putting it up pretty regularly, and I got free potatoes and tomatoes today (with overage thanks to a cashier who just accepted the coupons without adjusting them).

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