There are hundreds of different stores you can grocery shop at. Each one has unique reasons why you go in there. For me, I love Kroger, Publix, and Aldi. Each one offers me a good selection of fresh produce, meats, and goodies to try at a great price. Outside of traditional grocery stores, there are other non-traditional grocery retailers. With that being said, can you go grocery shopping at Amazon?

Can You Buy Grocery on Amazon?

Amazon sells millions of different products. I typically buy cool things I find on social media, travel accessories, and electronics from the website. But tangible items aren’t the only thing they sell. They also sell food products. So yes, you can buy groceries on Amazon.

What Kind Of Grocery Can You Buy At Amazon?

There are many different types of grocery items you can buy at Amazon. When it comes to food, most items will be pantry staples. That includes your different snack options like chips, granola, fruit cups, and the like. You can also find seasonings and various drinks like coffee, water, and box juices. There are some nontraditional grocery items you can also find like, Mexican staples, edible flowers and insects, and other delicacies. If you’re looking for paper products, laundry items, and other common household goods, they got you covered as well. However, you are not likely to find products like meat or seafood up for sale.

Other Ways To Save

Just like traditional stores, Amazon does offer deals on groceries. Some items may come with an additional percentage off coupons. You can check to see if coupons are available by searching for grocery coupons on the website. Also, you can get additional savings by shopping through their Amazon prime day deals on sale right now through the end of the week. Shop at Whole Foods as well, as prime members get a 10% discount on purchases. Those lucky enough to live by an Amazon Grocery store can also shop for deals there.

Amazon is a great place to grocery shop. If you’re looking for pantry staples, drinks, and great prices. Try them out today.

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