How Couponing Can Save You During Unemployment

We are living in stressful times. For those out of work, I know it has been a challenge to keep up with financial responsibilities. For those finding it especially hard, there is help out there for you. Alongside getting emergency food stamps for your family, you could coupon. Couponing during unemployment can save your budget. It could reduce your grocery expenses tremendously and help you score gifts for Christmas time on budget.

Food Stamps

Many people that have had to get unemployment assistance also qualify for emergency food stamps. How much you get depends on income and family size. To stretch out your subsidy, use coupons. Be sure to look for current grocery and household good sales. Write out a list of what you need and coupons that pair with those items. Present your paper and digital coupons before you pay.

You can also earn cashback. There is nothing that bars you from using apps like Checkout 51 or Ibotta to save even more. Before you shop, add the offers that pair with your needs to your wallet on the app. When you leave the store, submit your receipt, and scan the product bar code. Once approved, you will earn cashback on your purchase. Kroger also has a cashback portal.

Best Ways to Score

If you are looking to stretch your budget, there are a couple of deals you want to look out for. Always shop for things that are on sale only. Look for BOGO deals. Most stores do not offer true BOGOs. You can use a dollar off coupon for each item in the deal. Publix is a great store for these types of deals, and you usually come out with free products. Also, when you are shopping for items on your list, lookout for blinkies or coupons attached to the product. Nothing like getting surprise savings.

You should also look out for store coupons that pair with your items this includes loyalty rewards accounts. Also, check out Catalin deals that often reward you for purchasing select products. You can also follow deals groups on Facebook or online that tell you what to get and how to get it for the deepest discounts. Couponing during unemployment can be rewarding even for the most stressed budgets.

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