I love fresh seasonal fruit. Among my top favorite, are blackberries. Although the seeds can be a bit much, they are a great ingredient for desserts and jams. If you like fresh blackberries there are some rules to follow. Here are seven main points you need to remember on how to buy fresh blackberries so that you get the best tasting ones:


Where to Get Fresh Blackberries

1. If you have a choice, it’s best to pick blackberries from the field. They have two seasons – early summer (June) and late summer (August). You can go to a U-pick farm and pick them right off the vine. If that is not available, pick them up fresh at a local farmstand in your area.

Tips on How to Buy Fresh Blackberries

2. Blackberries are one of the most expensive fruits due to their fragility. They are difficult to transport and only have a refrigerated shelf life of 2 days. Only buy blackberries if you plan to eat them right away.

3. Blackberries won’t ripen once they have been picked. They should have a uniform color with no light splotches. This is true whether you get them from the field or a grocery store.

4. Blackberries should have a strong berry scent. This is true of grocery store blackberries as well. If you can’t smell the berries, pass on them.

5. Inspect the packaging before buying any blackberries for mold or stains, especially on the bottom of the package. Mold shows that the blackberries have already started to go bad and stains indicate that the blackberries are overripe.

6. Avoid blackberries if they still have their stem attached. This indicates that the berry was picked too soon and won’t be sweet or flavorful.

7. Don’t wash blackberries (both from the grocery store and from the field) until you are ready to eat them. Washing sooner is a recipe for mold.

If you are can not picture yourself eating your berries right away, make them into a yummy dessert. You can try out a blackberry cobbler, muffins, or even a jam to top a cake. Here are some yummy recipes to get you started. You can also freeze them for up to ten months.

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