Just like I like grocery shopping, I have a deep love for TikTok. It has truly taught me many things. One thing that has been brought to my attention lately are luxury grocery stores. There’s one in particular out in California that I must try called Erewhon. Erewhon is a luxury grocery chain that comes with high prices. I wonder, can you save money shopping at Erewhon Market?

What Is Erewhon Market?

Erewhon Market is a luxury grocery store located in California. As a certified organic retailer, it puts pride in offering top-quality products to consumers. What started in 1966 has morphed into 10 locations in California, including locations in Calabasas, Venice, and Santa Monica! The store caters to wealthy patrons with unique dietary needs. It’s a great store for Vegan, Kosher, or Keto diets. The store also features a tonic bar and cafe.

Does Erewhon Market Take Coupons?

All the videos I have seen on Erewhon Market say the store is very expensive. For those looking to save money, it’s important to ask if the grocery store accepts coupons. Upon further research, I do not believe the store accepts manufacturer coupons online or in-store.

How to Save At Erewhon Market Without Coupons

If they don’t accept coupons, you may wonder, how can you save at the store? I found two ways to save! Number one is to sign up for the Erewhon store membership. Membership Plus allows you to earn $ dollar in cash back for every $10 you spend, a free curated drink from the tonic bar each month, free delivery, and 25 percent off certain brands. If you are just interested in the cafe and tonic bar, you can get a Cafe Membership. It’s half the price of a regular membership and earns similar rewards and offerings. Outside of membership, you can use Groupon. They routinely offer gift card promotions at select locations.

Even though I prefer my local grocery brands, I would love to try to shop at Erewhon at least one time in my life. While the brand is expensive, I’ll look towards these suggestions for savings.

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