As you know, there is a chicken shortage in parts of the county. In the South, where chicken is a staple, it can be frustrating sometimes. Not only is it sometimes hard to find chicken in stock, but the prices are also rising quickly. I have skipped on buying chicken wings a few times myself. While the cost is rising and the supply is low, that does not mean you have to break the bank to acquire this food staple. Instead, follow along for some easy-to-follow steps to save on the cost of chicken.

Buy Diffrent Cuts Of Polutry

I normally buy wings when I want chicken, but that’s not the only cut. Go for something new. I find that fresh drumsticks are usually the cheapest type of chicken on the shelves. Next to them, you can try some thigh meat. They are juicy and tender when baked. You can also try leg quarters, I find them in the frozen section all the time or breast. Beware that breasts tend to fall in line with the price of wings. I only pick them up when I need chicken chunks or want some tenders.

Use Coupons

I will be the first to admit that meat coupons are hard to come by. With that being said, it’s not impossible. Always be sure to check out your store-branded coupon booklets and online coupon offerings. You can often find coupons for store-branded chicken products and even on name brands like Perdue. I like to shop for meat at Kroger. They usually send Best-Customer Bonus coupons to my home. Sometimes they include coupons for chicken products. You can also search for similar coupons on cashback sites and coupon printer sites like

Check Diffrent Stores

Lastly, you have to comparison shop. Be aware of which stores have the highest and lowest prices on meat. If you do not know by experience, check weekly sales ads. Make a note of which store has a price you love, and shop there. A lot of people are not comfortable shopping at two or three grocery stores for food, but making one stop for a great deal on chicken, will not hurt you. As long as the stores are close in proximity, you will be fine.

Don’t let the chicken shortage and stark increase and price get you down. You can save on the cost of chicken by following the simple steps above. For more grocery tips, check out the video posted above and read more.

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