You have to go grocery shopping, but it can be a chore. It can also be costly. You know how to bring down your total using coupons, promotions, and cash back apps, so what else? If you need more savings, here are some simple tips and tricks to save you more at the store.

Check Your Receipt

One of the things I always do when I coupon is check the receipt. You can do this as things are ringing up or after you’ve paid. What you’re looking for is discrepancies in price and missing items for promo deals. I like to get all of my things in the car and go line for line through the receipt. It helps to have your grocery list handy, so you can check what each item costs. Make sure that each item you picked up matches what you have written down on your shopping list. That accounts for sales and coupon pricing. If you are doing a promo deal that requires you to buy so many items to get money off, you should also be checking to make sure you hit the proper count. If you find a discrepancy, go back inside to customer service and have them fix it. This saves me money every time I go shopping.

Shop Outside the Box

Another thing I do is shop in places that people normally don’t do their grocery shopping. My favorite underrated store is Dollar Tree. They have everything you can think of to include name-brand grocery items. I love to get my spices because they have my favorites like Sazon, Completa, and Steak seasoning by LongHorn. I also like to get other staples there like white rice, pizza crust, condiments, and even some cool baking items. You can easily take $15 with you and get everything you need out of there, from fruit to meat and dairy items.


Most grocery stores have clearance items or sections. I always hit up the clearance sale at some point during my trip. They usually have great items for a great price. My favorite clearance section to hit up is Kroger early in the morning. That’s typically when the rack is full of goodies, from popcorn to baby diapers. If there is no dedicated clearance section, check the items as you’re going down into the different isles. If you can find it on clearance, you’re going to save even more.

We all have to grocery shop, but it doesn’t have to be costly. I hope these tips can help you save more at the store. Check out the posted video for more tips, and drop your own savings ideas in the comment box below.

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