Making Healthy Grocery Lists for Less

Grocery shopping tends to be costly. The more people in your family, the higher the price rises. Some of us tend to buy only the necessities and junk food because it is cost-effective. We know we should eat healthier, but healthier selections seem out of reach. If you’re like me, I have to start eating better. One way I can help you achieve this is by making healthy grocery lists for less.


Vegetables are a staple in any healthy food journey. Some stores place a premium on these products, but we can circumvent that. You can opt for frozen, not canned alternatives. It has all the raw nutrients with zero preservatives. I get my frozen bag of veggies at Kroger for $1. The ones I like the best are broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. For other great deals, pick up fresh salads on sale and other raw veggies at discount stores like Aldis, which always boasts the best deals on produce.


Fruits are so good but can be so costly. If you want tips on how to make them more affordable, here they are. Skip the basic pre-priced package, sliced fruit. Instead, go for the ones priced by weight. I love a good pick your price pack of fruit. It’s always beneficial on packs of watermelon and pineapple, and It’s usually a few dollars cheaper than the alternative. Whole fruit is usually much cheaper as well, and you can take the extra step of slicing it up after you get home to save a few bucks. Sometimes you can find fruit on sale and even BOGO in stores like Publix.

Bread and Grains

It can be hard staying away from carbs and grains like bread and rice. If you’re going to pick them up, you may as well pick up healthier alternatives. For the rice, I look for inexpensive quinoa. Quinoa tends to be pricey, so I only pick it up on sale, in bulk, or with a coupon. I picked up a five-pound package of Tiny Hero quinoa from Amazon, and it has lasted me six months. While it is currently unavailable for purchase, there are tons of other brands out there to try. As far as the bread, I pick up whatever brand is on sale. I typically try out oats or wheat varieties as they are pretty healthy for the gut and budget.

In keeping with your budget, you can match up clipped coupons and digital ones with your list. You can also use store-specific coupons. Be sure to pair deals with cashback apps and look for items with special deals and pricing as well.

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