There are so many ways to coupon. In this digital age, we are moving far away from paper, although it still holds a place in the coupon realm. We are using our computers more than ever to grocery shop as well as to shop for other purchases. We even use delivery services to bring our items straight to the front door. As far as coupons, cash back apps, and digital coupon offers are readily available to help bring your costs down drastically. Another new tool is coupon extensions. Follow along for more information on the top coupon finder extensions in Chrome.



Honey extension app is my personal favorite and recently partnered with Paypal. You can click here for easy signup and installation. After adding in some personal details, you can add the extension to Chrome. When you shop online at any major store, even Amazon, Honey works in the background to bring you the best deals. The deals pop up at checkout. A Honey popup will display. It should ask you to apply coupons. Once you click the button, Honey uses all the recent coupons for that site in its database and automatically tries them in the promo code box to save you money. If a better deal is not offered they may offer you Honey Gold as a reward.  

Coupon Cabin

Coupon Cabin is another one of my personal favorites for saving but does come with some caveats. You can run the extension in the background, and it works as you shop across the web to help bring you savings on your favorite brands. You can also browse around their website for the best coupon savings offers. While I don’t use the extension, I utilize the offerings by looking up the email offers. They highlight only the most selective and highly sought-after coupon deals there. These deals are strict, and not everyone has access. Most of these deals are only available at a certain time as indicated by the time clock. You have to watch the clock run down and be quick with your fingers to scoop up the deal.

They regularly have legit larger dollar-off deals at popular stores like Walmart, Target, Koles, Home Depot, and more. There is a lifetime cashback amount of $500 on “Members Only” deals, and you can only receive like deals every 90 days. It’s also one account per household, IP address. Any attempts to circumvent this will lead to your account being permanently shut down. The cashback refund rate can be lengthy but goes into the Paypal account of your choice. I have used this deal to snag free Halloween supplies at Spirit Halloween the last few years.


Rakuten is a favorite among shoppers. It’s easy to use and works just like the extensions above. You can either apply coupon codes at checkout or go through the Rakuten portal. What makes this app special is all about Amex card lovers. If you have an Amex credit card, you can link that card to your Rakuten account. Instead of opting for cash back, you can turn your reward dollars into covenant Amex points. You can sign up for the offer here.

There are several top coupon finder extensions for chrome, let us know your favorite below,

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