Now that you have your weekly Sunday newspaper inserts which you have been collecting and you know how coupon stacking works, you’re faced with the task of matching the coupons that you have to the sales that the grocery store is having. While it’s certainly possible for you to go through the grocery store circular when it arrives at your door and flip through all the newspaper inserts that you have collected to match the coupons to the sales, you’d end up spending far more time than I would ever be willing to spend to try and find these deals. Since I am all about making this process as absolutely painless as possible, I simply let others do the work for me (and you should too).

Although I would rather go to a dentist and have a cavity filled with no novacaine then spend my time trying to match coupons to store sales, there are people who actually enjoy doing this. Don’t even bother questioning why and just be thankful that there are. Even better, they’re willing to share what they find so you don’t have to do any of the work yourself.

On Grocery Coupon Guide you can see the weekly coupon and sale matches for Safeway and Albertsons thanks to Niki (you can also see the matches for the drugstores CVS and Walgreens which we will talk about later). If you shop at another grocery store that is of any decent size, there should be a blog out there that matches the coupons and store sales each week. Simply follow that blog and you will know the best coupon and sale match-up deals each week so you can stock up on those items.

The great thing about the blogs that match sales with coupons is that they will tell you exactly where you can find the coupon. For example, you can see here that the coupons online which you can print have a link to them. The last one for Lysol Cleaners says that the coupon is available in the 4/17 SmartSource newspaper insert. You simply go to that newspaper insert on your shelf and cut out the coupon from it.

This is why it’s not necessary to even look at the coupons in the Sunday newspaper inserts. As long as you have dated the Sunday inserts so they are easy to find, the only time you need to look in them is when a match occurs with a sale. You can then clip the coupon right then and there and take it with you on your next shopping trip. This way there is no need for clipping, sorting and organizing all the coupons each week (or dragging a huge coupon folder with you to the grocery store), and the hours it would take to do so.

If you have any questions about how to match coupons to the sales at grocery stores, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer. This post is part of the Lazy Couponing series. The next step will be learning about how to find coupons for products on your weekly shopping list that aren’t on sale.

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  1. I am having trouble finding a blog that matches store sales to the coupons. I am in the Scranton Pennsylvania area does anyone have any tips for me??

  2. Usually Weis (they will double coupons) there is also Gerrity’s and a Giant not far away.

  3. Yes, they can be, but not always. The best way to find a local blogger is to google search for your grocery store and “weekly deals”

  4. Thank you for the tips.

    I like your cause and I will be following your footsteps and see what I can get for the food bank for 20 buck a month.

    Appreciate you walking us thought the art of couponing

  5. Here is a great website to go to that shows you what stores have the items on sale and what coupons to use.

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