If you are like me and greatly enjoy our National Parks (I also love our State Parks), there is a great way to help them out at no additional cost to you over the next six months. From May 1st – October 31st Nature Valley is helping to raise up to a half million dollars to help preserve US National Parks. Nature Valley is donating $400,000 to the National Parks Conservation Association.

In addition, Nature Valley will be donating up to $100,000 more through consumer participation. If you purchase a specially marked box of Nature Valley granola bars, you can input the barcode at NatureValley.com (beginning May 1) and $0.10 will be donated to the National Parks Conservation Association. They will continue to make the $0.10 donations up to $100,000. You can enter the barcode once a day.

Since Nature Valley granola bars can usually can be purchased for pennies on the dollar when you combine manufacturer coupons and Catalina coupons (Nature Valley runs Catalina coupons on a regular basis), there should be an opportunity for you to make donations to this cause while getting the boxes for far under regualr retail value. It’s definitely worthwhile to keep your eyes open for these boxes to not only get a good deal, but to help our National Parks in the process.

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