If you have been following us, we discussed Honey a while back. Honey is a browser extension app that automatically searches for the best coupon codes and discounts to apply to your cart before checking out on 100’s of retailer sites like Amazon, Walmart, Papa Johns, and more. Aside from finding discounts, with Honey, you can also earn cashback on some of your purchases through Honey Gold. All cashback earned can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite retailers. Honey is an app that can be used by anyone wishing to advance their savings and earn cashback as well. To continue on that tradition they have now partnered with PayPal.

The New Partnership

PayPal and Honey officially began their new partnership early this week. If you have browsed PayPal’s site at the top of the screen there is a yellow waving coin, symbolizing Honey, holding the PayPal logo. The greeting alongside the logo states “Shopping online just got Sweeter,” and introduces Honey to the network. The news of the blooming partnership came out back in November after PayPal paid $4 billion for the company.

Why It Adds Value to PayPal

Many outlets have marked this a new era for e-commerce, stating that Honey is not just an extension browser but its a tool that can be utilized to drive commerce and generate revenue streams for PayPal. While driving e-commerce, Honey is also a loyalty app. Through its beneficial savings for consumers, it creates brand loyalty and trust so they keep returning to utilize the service.

With PayPal at the front of the new venture, the company stands to gain traction with other retailers by way of being an accepted form of payment. It will help the company move from a business based on customer checkout to having value-added services for consumers and merchants. Another area that Honey adds value to would be in the form of data. The data that Honey can provide PayPal is beneficial, as the extension browser tracks millions of customers through the use of cookies, tags, and other tracking tools as they shop through the site’s portals.

Ease of Use

Honey is also very easy to use and the ease of finding automatic discounts and savings will help propel PayPal forward in the area of automation and analytics. Alongside that, Honey has thousands of affiliate partners nationwide. Their continued success in increasing partnerships with notable brands and retailers will help the product growth and make products more available and affordable for consumers. All of these positive attributes continually allow for more tailored customer experiences, that will be transferred to PayPal in the long run.

A Part of PayPal

Honey is now a part of PayPal services. The partnership is welcoming for consumers by way of automatic savings, discounts, and cashback opportunities that will continue to grow and strengthen. It is beneficial for merchants and affiliates hoping to gain customer attention and will benefit PayPal through its customization, new opportunities to extend its checkout services to new brands and provide other value-added services to customers.

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