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Meaty Bone (Del Monte)
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Meow Mix
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Mighty Dog (Purina)
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Milk Bone
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Moist & Meaty Dog Food (Purina)
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Mother Nature
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Nature's Recipe
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Nature's Variety
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Nature Zone Pet Reptile Foods
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Newman’s Own Pet Food
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Nutro Products
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Pedigree Website
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Pet Promise
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Pounce (Del Monte)
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Pounce Purfestions (Del Monte)
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Pupperoni (Del Monte)
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Puppy Chow Dog Food (Purina)
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Purina Kittenwise
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Purina Naturals
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Purina One
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Purina Pro Plan
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Purina Snack Lovers Club
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Reward Website

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  1. I make my own dog food by buying regular ingredients from the store. I had our vet look over the recipe to make sure it’s got all of the nutrition he needs. It’s much less expensive than some of the mid-range foods out there and MUCH healthier. I also go to my local butcher to get uncooked beef ‘knuckles’ for my dog to chew on. I never leave the dog alone with a bone though.

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