I highly recommend Publix as a grocery store. They offer the freshest ingredients and great sales prices. Although, if you don’t shop for sales, their prices can be a bit steep. As summer approaches and the picnic season begins, there are some Publix picnic savings that you should definitely take advantage of.


Today, I went on a picnic with my coworkers and we stopped at Publix to get supplies. We began our shopping in the bread aisle. Although I’m currently on a diet, I still looked at the fresh-baked bread options. Ultimately, we decided to purchase an Italian baguette for less than three dollars, which was enough for four 6-inch subs.

Cheese and Meat

Once we had chosen our bread, we set out to find some high-quality meats and cheeses. Luckily, we stumbled upon some fantastic BOGO deals for certain cheeses in the deli section. Specifically, the Beemster Premium Goat Gouda Cheese and Gayo Azul Gouda Cheese were priced between $3.50-$5. If you’re looking for more affordable options, go for the Cabot Cheese blocks which are priced at $2.50 this week. We went for the sharp cheddar. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any great deals on meats, but we did manage to snag some Publix honey turkey for $7.99, which can make up to 8 sandwiches.


Finally, we went to the vegetable section and found many affordable options. We began by looking for shredded lettuce but instead opted for the Salad Express Romaine mix. Large onions were priced under $2 and there was a buy-one-get-one offer for the Wild Wonders tomato medley. We also grabbed some strawberries as a dessert option, thanks to the buy-one-get-one deal.
These ingredients helped us create delicious sandwiches for our picnic today. If you were looking for Publix picnic savings, what items would you choose?

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