Do you have a Publix nearby? I have several near me and the in the city where I work. The store always offers fresh produce, healthy alternatives, and great customer service. One thing they rolled out recently is their Publix rewards club. They’ve had a few in the past but nothing like this one. If this is your first time hearing about it, or you are curious, read along for more information.

What Is Club Publix?

Club Publix is the new name of the store’s rewards program. It works much like other stores’ loyalty cards. With it, you can clip coupons, track purchases, and even pay using your Mobil device or pin pad at checkout. Shoppers can also find special savings and Publix store ads within the club program. Unlike other programs, you do not earn points for every dollar in purchases you make.

What Perks Can You Earn?

I’ve been enrolled in the program for a couple of months and have seen some benefits. For one, they gave me a perk of free ice cream last year and 50% off ice cream for my birthday. I have also received five dollars off of a recent purchase. On the website, there is only one named perk listed. That perk is a birthday reward in the form of a sweet treat. It mentions other perks are available but leaves you second-guessing what they could be.

How Can I Sign Up?

Sign-up is simple. You can Google or click here for the Club Publix website. Once on the site, scroll down until you see the join now link. It will take you to a form to fill out with your name and other pertinent information. After creating your account, you are ready to receive perks and rewards!

Even though the program is new with little buzz, it’s free to get started, so why not give it a try?

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