Special Grocery Reward Clubs

Many stores have great deals for patrons to take advantage of. You can find deals in the clearance section, which is my favorite place to look in the store. There are often last chance deals on the shelf and lots of promotional savings. Check out the savings ad or reward yourself with digital coupon offers as well. The fact remains that many stores advertise deals and savings in the same way. What you might not have known is that some stores have special clubs and programs that offer even better discounts. Here are some of my favorite special grocery reward clubs.

Club Publix

Publix used to have an exclusive baby club and wine club program. They have both since been disbanded, but the store just introduced Club Publix earlier this year. Club Publix has an easy signup process, and access to the club grants you a few perks. First, you get a reward for your birthday. They offered me either a free quart of Publix brand ice cream up to the premium kind, or a two-pack of jumbo cupcakes are for free. Aside from the birthday reward, they sometimes send you surveys. They pertain to your shopping experience and new branding opportunities. So far, I have taken two and been rewarded with money off of my purchases. Reward dollars are added to your online account and come off automatically at checkout after entering your number. Participation in the program also grants you access to exclusive offers.

Kroger Cashback

If you like shopping at Kroger, you have plenty of access to the best coupons. Look beyond the digital coupon section, and find the elusive cashback portal. I pair the offers in that section to grocery deals I am already working on to save even more. You can find the cashback section here. After racking up a hefty amount of cash, you can redeem your money right to your Kroger card. You can use the money on your subsequent shopping trips. Here’s more on how to cash out.


Target has many different club offerings you can take advantage of. If you haven’t done so, download the Target app to start using target Circle. While they have digital coupon offers, that’s not all. You will find special % off Target-only deals in-app. You can also get access to bonus offers and when you scan your Target circle barcode, you will get instant cashback. Check Target deals here.

There are many more special grocery reward clubs out there. Which ones are your favorite?

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