As a couponer, your always looking for ways to stretch your dollar. That means going beyond basic coupons and cashback opportunities. Instead, it means thinking outside of the box and committing to comparison shopping. Not only that, it means leveraging competitor coupons for savings on your bill. If your thinking about leveraging competitor coupons, follow along to see stores that accept competitor coupons and some that do not.


Walmart used to be great at accepting competitors’ coupons. They took coupons from retailers like Target, Publix, and even Walgreens. To make it better, they used to offer price matches to other stores as well. This is not true today, however. Contrary to what many may believe, Walmart no longer accepts competitor coupons. They will, however, price match with online retailers including The item must be located at one of their specified online retailers and has to be the same item down to the UPC. In-store items can only be price matched to and


Publix accepts competitor coupons. I have tried it myself many times. I usually use my Kroger branded coupons at Publix to bring my total down. With that being said, which competitor coupons the store will accept varies from store to store. There is usually signage when you walk in that explicitly states what stores coupons your Publix will accept. Mines only allows Kroger’s coupons, but several people online say they can use Bi-Lo, Target, and even drug store coupons in store.


Kroger is one of my favorite stores to shop. They do not accept competitor coupons for regular grocery purchases. However, if you use their pharmacy, you are in luck. Kroger and their family of stores accept pharmacy competitor coupons. It’s a great deal to take advantage of if you want to lower your out-of-pocket medical costs. Pair those coupons with their free and reduce prescription program to get the best offerings.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter accepts local competitor coupons, however, it’s at the discretion of your local store manager. They get to decide who is a competitor and who is not. They do not take internet coupons but do accept circular, direct mail, and Catalina coupons meant to be used at another store.
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