Staying Safe At The Grocery Store

Grocery shopping is a weekly occurrence for most people. As for me, I like to go twice a month. The grocery store is often a crowded place to shop. While COVID and other viruses still spread rapidly among us, how do you stay safe at the grocery store? If shopping amongst these outbreaks is scary for you, follow along for more information to keep you safe.

Skip The Crowd

Most viruses out there spread through close contact with others. While it’s not always possible to stay 6ft from other shoppers, there are ways to distance yourself. You can start by skipping the crowd. Shop during off-peak hours. I find the smallest crowds occur early in the morning in the first few hours after a store has opened for the day. Most people are getting up and ready for work or school during that time. This means they are not at the store. You can also go late in the evening or early afternoon. Forget shopping between 3-7 pm, as that is the busiest time of day for grocery stores.

Sanitize Properly

There are several ways and opportunities to sanitize before, during, and after you shop. When you enter a store, wipe down your cart with a Lysol wipe. Most stores provide these near the cart return. Wipe down all the surfaces your hands will touch as you push the cart. During the trip, do not touch your face after picking up and putting products into the cart. After you have finished shopping and put away the grocery in the car, be sure to rub sanitizer on your hands. I even wipe down my phone and other items I used during my trip. Once home, you can wash produce and wipe down product packages to be extra safe. Once away, wash your hands one last time.

Mask Up

Another way to stay safe at the grocery store is to mask up. I know some of you will say “well masks don’t work.” That may be true or not, but it’s better than zero protection at all. Along with wearing your mask, you can properly wear protective gloves if you want. B

New viruses pop up each month, and the ones that sent us into a pandemic are sticking around. Stay safe at the grocery store by maintaining distance, sanitizing, and masking up. If you have suggestions, drop them in the comment box below.

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