I just received the grocery store advertising inserts for this week and took a quick look through them — all I can say is that things are looking pretty grim for my $1 Thanksgiving Dinner for 6 People. None of the grocery stores in my area are offering a free turkey promotion and since next week ads begin the day before Thanksgiving, it would not be advisable for me to count on something from them pulling me through.

Looking at what still needs to be purchased on my Thanksgiving dinner menu, I still need the following:

Turkey (Turkey, 3 onions, celery, turkey oven bag)
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie

I do have a $4.00 off a $20.00 purchase coupon at CVS and I believe have enough coupons to reach $16.00 in various free products (I will have to wait until Friday when I am finished house sitting to make sure) which will allow me to get $4.00 worth of the above product for free. I’m hoping that will allow me to cross off three of four of those so things aren’t quite a dire as they may appear, but it will still leave me vulnerable at not being able to get the turkey dinner. That means I may have to make the move to put into action my Secret Free Turkey Plan.

I am going to hold off a couple of days and hope I can find a business in the area that is giving away free turkeys as a promotion of some type. The other possibility is that Saturday brings a good moneymaker deal at one of the drug stores or Target which allow me to make enough to get a turkey. I have mixed feelings about putting the secret free turkey plan into action. While I think it is within the rules, I was truly hopeful that I could achieve success through regular couponing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the coupon deities are looking favorably upon me.

I had a brief moment of hope when I noticed that Safeway is offering a $15.00 off a $50.00 purchase coupon beginning the 25th (yes, on Thanksgiving Day, but I thought I could make an early trip to get it) when you purchase $150.00 worth of gift cards. This deal would have worked perfectly if I could buy a $150.00 Safeway gift card that I could use for my shopping in the future, get the coupon and then use it to get a turkey. This hope was dashed when reading the fine print revealed that Safeway gift cards are excluded.

I am really going to need to put my creativity into overdrive if I don’t want to listen to my sister brag about winning the bet…

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