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Grocery shoppers increasingly prefer Walmart’s grocery pickup option to shopping in the store. People don’t seem to mind driving by a store just long enough to get their groceries. It’s the whole going-in-and-shopping-by-aisle that turns people off. Therefore, more and more people are embracing the option for online grocery shopping with pickup instead of delivery.

People Love Ordering Groceries Online

Online grocery shopping is more and more popular by the day. More stores offer this option. Technology has improved to make it significantly easier. There are more mobile coupons and deals for online grocery shopping. It’s a win-win and a lot of people are loving it.

According to a recent survey of Walmart grocery pickup shoppers, more than two-thirds say that they actually enjoy the process of shopping online. Most of them (more than 80%) use their smartphones to do their grocery shopping. However, more than half use their computers, too.

3/4 of people surveyed said that they save time when they buy their groceries this way. And more than 50% say that they also save money with online grocery shopping. In fact, 40% of the people in the survey specifically choose the Walmart grocery pickup options because of price.

People Like Walmart Grocery Pickup Because It Saves Time

Many people choose to get groceries at Walmart online because of the financial savings. However, they also really appreciate that they save time by shopping this way. After all, if you can order your groceries on your phone while doing other things (such as commuting or waiting in line somewhere) then you don’t have to waste an hour or more perusing the aisles trying to get what you need for dinner.

75% of the people in the survey said that they save time using Walmart grocery pickup. Everyone wants to save time, of course. We all have better things to do than hang out at the grocery store. But about one third of the surveyed shoppers specifically said that they are busy people who don’t have any time to take care of themselves. If they can knock down the time it takes to do a weekly chore like grocery shopping then they might have more time for self-care.

How to Save Money with Walmart Grocery Pickup

You might already have the option to enjoy Walmart pickup in your area. If not, then it could be coming to you soon. The chain will be adding this feature to many of its stores across the nation by the end of the year. However, before you hop on this trendy train, make sure that you know how to do smart shopping this way. Some people are so wrapped up in how much time it’s saving them that they aren’t taking full advantage of saving money with Walmart grocery pickup.

Research found that people tend to load up their vitual baskets much more than their in-store baskets. In other words, if you shop online and get Walmart grocery pickup then you might buy more. Moreover, the carts get fuller with each visit. Each time that you do a Walmart grocery pickup, you might add more to the order. If that’s not something you would do with a regular shopping trip then you shouldn’t do it with online grocery pickup either. Therefore, make sure you do the following as you begin to use Walmart grocery pickup:

  • Create a grocery list and stick to it.
  • Determine your food budget and make sure that you never exceed it.
  • Use coupons. Look for deals. Buy non-perishable goods only when they are on sale.
  • Double-check your cart before checkout. Delete items that you don’t need or that are too expensive.

In other words, don’t let your years of smart grocery shopping fly out the window just because you’re embracing new technology and pickup options today.

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