Just because you are living on food stamps doesn’t mean that you’re behind the rest of the world when it comes to technology. Like many other shoppers in the modern world, you enjoy ordering items online. You like getting things delivered to your door. You want to order groceries online.

Up until recently, it was not possible for people to use their food stamps to order groceries online. However, the government has launched a new pilot program in New York to test out the possibility of this option.

New York Pilot Program to Order Groceries Online with Food Stamps

The US Department of Agriculture has just launched this new pilot program. People who receive SNAP benefits, colloquially known as food stamps, and who live in the state of New York may be able to take advantage of this program.

People who live in New York City have two stores to choose from right now, although there will be more stores to follow. Currently, they can order groceries online with their SNAP benefits using Amazon or ShopRite. People who live in upstate New York can take advantage of the pilot program to order groceries from Walmart using their food stamps. As the program expands, people will also have the option to shop online at  Dash’s Market, FreshDirect, Hy-Vee, and Safeway stores.

Two-Year Program to Expand Beyond New York

What if you’re not living in New York but want to take advantage of the opportuntity to order groceries online with your food stamps? You might get the chance but it will take a little bit of time.

This pilot program is a two-year program. Within the two years, the program will expand to other areas beyond New York. Customers can expect to see options open up for them if they live in the Northwest (Oregon and Washington states). There will also be options for people who live in Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, and Nebraska.

Assuming that the pilot goes well, of course, the program could then extend to the rest of America. People living on food stamps in any state might eventually be able to order groceries online.

Why It Matters to Have the Ability to Order Groceries Online with Food Stamps

Historically, there has been a technology gap in this country. People living in rural areas and low-income areas haven’t had access to technology as quickly or completely as their urban and middle-to-upper-class counterparts. The technology divide has created countless issues over the years.

We should know better by this point. In line with that, it makes perfect sense to offer food stamp users the ability to order groceries online. In fact, these are people who may need the service as much as, or even more than, other grocery shoppers. Many people on food stamps have disabilities that can limit their mobility outside of the home. Grocery delivery is an ideal option in such situations. Similarly, people who work two or more jobs may find it more convenient to hop online to order groceries than to try to visit a store between shifts.

Likewise, when you shop online, you often have the ability to easily compare prices. People on food stamps are trying to save money. Therefore, those quick from-your-own-home comparisons can make a big difference. As more stores begin to offer online ordering and delivery for people with food stamps, people will have the potential to save even more money.

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Source: CNN Business

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