One thing we all love about grocery shopping is our ability to get cash back. Cashback opportunities come in different forms, including using cashback apps like Ibotta or sites Retailmenot. Some grocery stores even have cashback opportunities for loyal members. It makes shopping a lot cheaper in conjunction with coupons. But what happens when you wrack up rewards that you don’t use or fail to continue using the app in general? For more information on what happens to unused cashback accounts, follow along for more.

What Happens To Inactive Accounts?

In general, the money you earn is yours to keep. However, there if you don’t use your account and it goes inactive, you stand to lose it. Most cashback websites have a policy that states when your account has been inactive for more than a certain amount of days you must pay a service fee. That fee will come out monthly until your account reaches $0. The fee ranges among similar apps. Ibotta currently has a $3.99 per month fee for inactivity. That’s a bummer if you spent a lot of money and time trying to get these deals and save on your grocery bill.

How Can You Keep Your Account Active?

Most cashback apps are going to send out reminders. They notify you of your inactivity, the associated fee, and when they’re going to start charging it. IbottA has reminded me for several months that I need to use mine, even though I still missed the deadline. As long as you redeem one offer by the notified date, your account will be within regulations and not subject to that pesky fee. Make sure the email attached to your account is correct, so inactive notifications are on time. Additionally, you can use the account at least once every six months.

Cashback apps are the perfect tool to accompany your coupon use and bring down your grocery bill. Make sure to keep your account active to avoid fees and keep building up your reward dollars.

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