I’ve been trying to figure out where to buy clipped coupons. After all, if someone else can clip the coupons and send them to me, it saves me a lot of time. Saving time can also mean saving money. Therefore, it can make financial sense to purchase pre-clipped coupons in some cases.

That said, you really need to know where to buy clipped coupons if you want it to be worth your investment. It’s not that it’s challenging to find places that sell them. In contrast, there are lots of places online that turn up with a simple google search. However, they’re not all the best ones for me.

Before You Get Started with Buying Clipped Coupons

Before you even figure out where to buy clipped coupons, there are a few things you should know. First of all, selling clipped coupons is technically illegal. You won’t get in trouble because it’s not illegal to buy them. Sellers get around this by advertising that you’re paying for their coupon-clipping time, not the coupon itself. You should look for this kind of advertising when figuring out where to buy clipped coupons. If a site advertises that it sells the coupons themselves, then they could get in hot water, meaning you could start to love their service only to find them shut down the next time you want to use them.

Here are a few other things you should know before buying clipped coupons:

  • You should only buy coupons that are low-priced for a high-value. For example, a coupon that costs $.04 but saves you $4.
  • It’s best to buy coupons for non-perishable items that you want to stock up on when there’s a really great deal.
  • You can buy coupons in lots, which is usually the best deal.
  • Pay attention to shipping fees. If these are high, it will eat into your coupon savings.
  • You’re not likely to ever get refunds from a coupon clipping service. That’s why you want to go with reputable services.

Finally, make sure you’re going to use every single coupon you purchase. It is pointless to spend money on coupons that you don’t use.

Where to Buy Clipped Coupons

With those things in mind, there are some really great services that make it easy to buy clipped coupons.

My Coupon Hunter

This coupon-clipping company was established in 2005 and has a long history of quality service. They post Sunday coupons on Saturdays so you can get ahead. Orders are processed within 24 hours. They have no limits on the number of coupons that you order. However, there’s a minimum of five for each coupon that you order. This is truly ideal when you want to stock up on an item that’s on sale.


When you start doing research into where to buy clipped coupons, this is one of the first options you’ll see. Klip2Save has a well-organized site that makes it easy to sort coupons by aisle, source, week, and popularity. They charge a single shipping rate no matter how large your order is. Therefore, if you want to buy a lot of clipped coupons at once, this is an affordable option.

Coupon Carry Out

On the other hand, if you really are buying a lot of coupons, then Coupon Carry Out could be the right choice for you. That’s because they offer free shipping on all orders over $15. Plus, they ship six days a week, whereas many coupon clipping services only ship Monday-Friday.

Bargain Coupon Clippers

One of the great things about this site is that they offer rewards. Just by shopping for coupons here, you can get rewards back. You save some money on what you’re spending. As a result, you increase the savings from the coupons.

Coupon Flea Market

This is a site that puts you in touch with a variety of different coupon clipping services. You’ll find some of the best deals here. In particular, you will find good deals on coupon lots. You register for free and make payments through Paypal.

The Coupon Clippers

This aptly-named site is a family-run business. You can purchase individual coupons or whole inserts. If there are a number of items in one insert that you will use, then this can sometimes be the cheapest option. Click to their site’s calendar to see when something was added. Then click through from there and you can easily see coupon expiration dates and other important information.

Do you have any tips for buying clipped coupons? Share with us in the comments below.

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