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Find Free Product Coupons from General Mills, Kraft, and other Brands

Anyone who has navigated their way through the grocery store recently knows that there are always new items attracting shoppers to try new, and hopefully better, products. But in this economy, you may not want to risk paying a high price for an item you may or may not like. And if you do pay top dollar for the new products, it's probably at the expense, literally, of the brands you have been a loyal consumer of. Companies need you … Continue reading

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Product Recalls: Things you should know

Two more product recalls have been issued in the last 24 hours, and you may be wondering what to do. Do you have the products in your home? Can you get your money back? What do you do with the recalled products? Here are a few things you should know, and resources where you can find more information or receive updates on the recalls. What is a Voluntary Recall? A product recall is issued when a product is either defective … Continue reading

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Free Chocolate Fridays from Mars Candy

If you are tired of receiving promotions labeled as “stimulus” or “bailout” savings, or just fatigued from sorting through the scams with similar labels, check out this new, and legitimate offer — free chocolate, via coupon, from the Mars REAL CHOCOLATE RELIEF ACT. Every Friday, from now until September, the first 250,000 visitors to the site will receive a coupon for a bar of their favorite Mars REAL chocolate brand. You can register for a reminder email 🙂 here, as … Continue reading

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Organic and Natural Printable Coupons from HealthESavers

Looking for organic and natural brand grocery coupons?  If you haven’t looked through HealthESavers lately, you are probably missing some of the best specialty-brand printable coupons available! HealthESavers is now teamed with Eating Well magazine and the Living Naturally Retailer network of Natural and Health Food stores to provide coupons focused exclusively on healthy-eating organic and natural brands.  These companies have previously had small independent sites with printable, in-store magazine, and periodic offers.  As a team, however, they are providing … Continue reading

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Guide to Buying and Storing Fresh Vegetables

If you love to wander through farmers markets, or even the fresh produce section of your favorite store, looking for fresh, tender, flavorful vegetables…trying new and unusual produce…or just buying produce in season…and are sorely disappointed when you bring your finds to the dinner table, help has arrived. Whether you are looking to buy, keep for a few days, or save the flavors to last throughout the year, these guides can help you make informed buying decisions. And that could … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Generic Prescriptions

It’s the first of the month, which means it’s time to look for this month’s prescription coupons good at local grocery stores. Rite Aid, CVS, Target, to name a few, regularly print coupon offers redeemable for $10 – $50 gift cards at their stores when you fill or transfer a prescription at their pharmacy. Offers can be found online, in sales flyers, in stores, or in store magazines and brochures. These promotions are generally limited to one prescription offer every … Continue reading

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