As a nation, we are becoming more conscientious and have started advocating for more sustainable products. This is even true in terms of groceries. Not only are they more organic products on the shelf, but more vegan and plant-based alternatives. Another aspect of the shopping for us that we often neglect is at check out. Instead of using plastic or paper products that pollute our ocean, opt for reusable totes. They’re convenient, lightweight, and are saving the planet. If you don’t have one but want to get one, follow along to learn how to get free tote bags.

Freebie Deals

As you know, I love a good freebie deal. Freebie sites give you all sorts of goodies with a click of a button. You just have to fill out simple forms with your contact information in most cases. You can typically catch reusable branded tote bags for free on such sites regularly. The best freebie sites include The Freebie Guy, PINCHme, and Free Stuff Finder. A Google search will turn up plenty more options.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs alone are wonderful. They grant you access to specialty marked prices, goodies, and rewards for your shopping behavior. Another major perk is freebies. Stores like Target, Walgreens, and even Walmart, give me some of the best freebies around. One of their most frequent giveaways is reusable tote bags. While the bags are perfect for your grocery shopping trip, they are also usually filled with other goodies like snacks and beauty samples to try. I even got one full of baby products before.


Expos are a great way to network and find out about new products or services. Vendors often give out swag bags or promotional items to help spread the word about their brand. One of the most commonly given promo items is free reusable totes. You can walk around to dozens of vendors and come away with a handful of them at no cost to you. Of course, don’t just show up for the free bags, soak up some information especially if there was an entry fee to get in.

Cheap Options

If the above options don’t satisfy you, there are some cheap ways to get reusable bags. I like to get mine from Ross Dress for Less. They have huge tote bags for just $1. You can also pick up some from stores like Aldi’s and Dollar Tree. If you are crafty, you can even try your hand at making your own custom tote bag like the one in the posted video. Let us know how you get free tote bags in the comment section.

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