I went to Kroger last night to pick up a few items. I was in there to grab a bag of salad and some cream cheese for my dinner, but you know I found lots of deals. While at the store, I thought, why not grab some lunch items for this week? Here are just a few discount lunch meals at Kroger I found.

Salad Items

I just came off of vacation from Florida. You know that means I ate way too much. I had all of the things that I can’t have on my diet including dip, bread, fries, fried fish and oysters, and pork chops. This week, I’m focusing on lighter meals to help me recover from vacation. The first thing that came to mind was salad. You can grab a pack of the classic salad for just under $3 a bag at Kroger in the refrigerated vegetable section. To go along with that, I wanted seafood. I found clearance salmon for $7 and the Wild Side shrimp-infused entrées on BOGO. I tried the infused barbecue shrimp.

Chop Entrees

Another thing I’ve been wanting lately is thin pork chops. Publix had them on sale, but I missed them because I was out of town. When I went to Kroger last night, they had the thin boneless pork chops for as low as five dollars for a pack. For larger families, they had family packs for just $10. I plan on pairing that with a bag of frozen broccoli that you can get out of the freezer section for $1.25 and cauliflower rice.

Loaded Potatoes

Lastly, I love potatoes because they leave me feeling fuller longer. I saw that 5-pound bags were only about five dollars. I picked up one and Laura’s lean ground beef that is on sale for $6.99. I already have the cheese, sour cream, and other potato fixes at home. I can’t wait to enjoy my hearty beef stuffed potato. To wash all my meals down, I picked up two 12-packs of Gatorade on sale for just $6 each.

Here’s just a sample of discount lunch meals at Kroger. What are you going to have?

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