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Day three had to be better than day two because if it wasn’t, there was no way that I was going to be able to complete this challenge (or stay alive). Luckily, it was much better and I learned a few more things about my eating along the way.

I started off the day deciding that I needed to get two things: some eggs and some bananas. I used the Philadelphia cream cheese coupons I had found from the blinkie coupon machine the day before to help bring down the costs of these.

This is part of a month-long challenge to eat well while spending an average of only $1 a day on food. You can find the beginning and the rules of this challenge here

bananas and cream cheese
banana receipt
The bananas came to $0.02

eggs and cream cheese
egg receipt
and the eggs came to $0.79.

I also decided to buy some cereal. The local Lucky grocery store was having a deal where if you bought 4 boxes of cereal of Kelloggs Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops, the price for each box would be $1.39 each. I also had a few Blinkie coupons for $0.70 of 1 for Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks or Corn Pops and two (since that is my limit rule</a.) $1.00 off 2 Corn Flakes coupon from the April 11 Red Plum Sunday newspaper insert. I used 2 of the blinkie coupons and one of the Corn Flakes coupons which brought down the price from $5.56 to $3.16. There was also a Kelloggs Catalina coupon promotion (the coupons that come out when you pay at the cash register) for $3.00 making the final price $0.16. I already had a $3.00 off my next purchase coupon because I had done this deal to buy over 600 boxes of cereal for local food banks (if I didn’t, I would have had to pay out $3.00, but I would still have the $3.00 coupon to spend which is the same as cash). I did this transaction 2 times to get 4 boxes of Corn Flakes, 2 boxes of Fruit Loops and 2 boxes of Apple Jacks:

cereal receipt
three dollars back
Since I won’t be able to eat all that cereal in the next month, I will be donating the 2 boxes of Fruit Loops and 2 boxes of Apple Jacks to the local food bank. Since I already have 14 packs of cream cheese, I will also be donating all 30 packs of cream cheese to the local food bank:

more donations to food bank
With morning shopping out of the way, it was time for breakfast. I decided to take a portion of the rice I had left over from the day 1 dinner, mix it with a couple of eggs I had just purchased and put it in a whole wheat tortilla with a half apple on the side:

day 3 breakfast
egg and rice breakfast
egg and rice breakfast cooked
breakfast plated
The rice and eggs were pretty bland and since I don’t have any salt, pepper or other seasonings I had to get a bit creative. I went and got the box of Wheat Thins that I had finished the night before when I wasn’t feeling well and took all the excess salt at the bottom of the bag and put it into the rice and eggs — perfect!

For lunch I had peanut butter and a banana wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. I have also discovered during this challenge that I am much more aware of when I am full and stop when I am (as opposed to forcing everything down on my plate that I would have done before). That left half of the morning tortilla to eat as well. I added the other half of the apple and Wheat Thins as well:

day 3 lunch
peanut butter and banana
day 3 lunch plated
It was wonderful – I love peanut butter and bananas and together you can’t go wrong.

For dinner I steamed a couple of carrots. I then reheated the rest of the rice, cut up half a avocado, added a bit of sour cream and wrapped it in two whole wheat tortillas:

day 3 dinner
rice and avocado
day 3 dinner plated
Again, it was a little bland at first bite and I had to go to the Wheat Thins box to extract the last of the salt to give it a bit of flavor. I actually filled up after the steamed carrots and one of the avocado and rice tortillas, so I have the other one in the refrigerator for day four meals.


This is the current list of what I have purchased:

Money Spent $5.68
Money left to spend: 25.32
Retail Value of everything bought: $242.32

4 boxes of Corn Flakes
1 dozen eggs
2 avocados
2 boxes of Quaker Instant oatmeal
14 packs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis
1 package of Knudsen Light sour cream
10 apples
2 lbs of carrots
4 boxes (small) of Wheat Thins
1 jar of Skippy All Natural peanut butter
2 cans of pork and beans
1 bag of long grain brown rice
2 packages of Mission 100% whole wheat tortillas (10 count each)

Donated Food to Food Bank that was purchased with my $1 a day

4 boxes of cereal
45 packs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis
4 boxes (small) of Wheat Thins
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean bathroom cleaner
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean bathroom cleaner refill

The Beginning ::: Day 4: Berry Smoothie (but not the type you want)


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  1. Glad I caught this at the beginning of your journey. Can’t wait to see the rest of your $1/day adventure. I wonder how to do that with a family…$4/day? I’m sure my own family wouldn’t let me experiment on them, though!

  2. Dude. You seriously need to learn how to cook! There are plenty of ways to eat eggs and rice, but that’s NOT one of them! LOL

  3. disagree with Stronzo… rice and eggs scrambled together is a southern staple. It makes the eggs go further, and I often have it in a tortilla with salsa for breakfast. (not carrots, though=:-)

  4. I agree with jspiers, I grew up with my Dad taking the left-over white rice from Chinese take-out and cooking it with eggs for breakfast the next day. It seems like you’re doubling carbs eating it in a tortilla though.

  5. Jeffrey – I’m afraid this is going to be a very dumb question, but here it goes anyways. Did you just put a couple eggs in with your rice in the frying pan and cooked them? I have wanted to do this but wasn’t sure it would work. About how long do you need to cook them to get scrambled eggs?

    ~ Nikki

  6. 6 Written by: Tara
    Posted on: July 6, 2010 at 11:53 am
    I am sick of your cream cheese. You are totally cheating.


    This may be one of the funniest things I have read online since the David Thorne E-mails.

  7. I know I am late to the party, but I felt it was important to say that I am sad to see you took such advantage of the coupon dispenser. I am sure there are many families that weren’t able to get any from it after you’d emptied it out. Your experiment is fine and all, but you weren’t thinking of the families that were shopping in the stores with you. I am glad you donated a bunch of stuff, though, to try to balance out the bad karma.

  8. @Bethany,

    There was no bad karma involved. This promotion had been going on for more than two weeks so anyone that wanted to take advantage of it had plenty of opportunity. Also, stores were in the process of removing the blinkie machines so there was no guarantee it would be there the next day. Even then, I still left coupons and cream cheese for others.

  9. Often, I go to the blinkie machine and there are no coupons in it particularly when the sale is too good to be true. I sure wish the coupon supplier would add more on a daily basis or allow me to take as many as I want. Once I was told it was only one per customer so I don’t know how you have not been caught.

  10. Thank goodness, protien at last. Adding the eggs to the rice gets some protien in your diet finally but theres a reason that 50 cent burritoes at AMPM are considered junk food, carbs, carbs and more carbs. tsk,tsk….healthy diet? NOT.
    I give you credit for trying Jeffrey, I can’t even imagine how awful that must have tasted with no seasoning cooked in, no salsa, no limon or cilantro. There’s a reason most people spend significantly more preparing a meal. Your sister must have really enjoyed this:)

  11. I don’t get it, how did you get such a huge discount? I mean, you spent $5.00 on $242 worth of groceries?

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