Although hot chocolate was not on the original list of things I was planning to get for the Thanksgiving Dinner For 6 For $1 Challenge, it seemed like a good addition for the kids, and especially if Thanksgiving ends up being a cold day.

Swiss Miss 10 pack boxes are currently on sale for $0.99 at Target and there is a $1.00 off 1 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate coupon in the Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book making them free (it has also been left in the comments that the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate is also on sale for $0.99 at WalMart). I ended up buying 10 boxes worth $16.40 for $0.00:

swiss miss hot chocolate

free swiss miss hot chocolate receipt

This was the first time I had ever used coupons at Target and it was painless with there being no issues even though the coupon was for $1 off and the price for the item was $0.99 (this can cause problems at other retail outlets sometimes). I will definitely be doing more coupon shopping there when good deals arise. I will be keeping two of the packages for Thanksgiving dinner (one with marshmallows and one without) and will give the other eight to the local food bank. I also hope to be able to purchase more hot chocolate for the food bank this week as well.

I now have been able to purchased stuffing, gravy, biscuits and hot chocolate for my Thanksgiving dinner without spending any money up to this point, but I have a lot more that I need to buy to make this a successful meal. I still have my fingers crossed that some good deals will be announced this week.

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