I just purchased 480 Pillsbury Grands biscuits for my local food banks and it didn’t cost me a cent (if fact, I actually made a couple dollars from the grocery store in the process). Add that to the 120 biscuits and the 138 biscuits I purchased at no cost earlier in the week, and I ended getting 737 Pillsbury Grands biscuits for free.

Once I found out about the deal (explanation of how I did the deal), I placed an order of 30 cases. I could have purchased even more, but at the time I wasn’t sure how many coupons I could get my hands on since the Safeway Thanksgiving coupons books were still not available in a lot of stores. Since the Catalina coupon runs through December, there is a good chance that this deal will be available again.

Much like the time I purchased 672 boxes of cereal, I was given my own checkout lane and the 60 transactions went through in about 30 minutes without a hitch.

360 biscuit purchase

lucky receipt

60 receipts

I then took these immediately to the Milpitas food pantry:

loaded in car

food bank delivery

I then went out and purchased another 120 of the Pillsbury Grand biscuits for Tri Valley Haven food bank (they have limited refrigerator storage so requested that I only purchase them about 100):

120 grands biscuits

I’m still debating whether I will put the money that I earned from all these toward my Thanksgiving Dinner For 6 For $1 Challenge, but at the very least I know that a lot of families will have some food that they wouldn’t have had otherwise which is always a good thing.

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