It has been long overdue that I updated what I actually still have on hand. I am hoping to add some more veggies in the next couple of days if I can manage to find some more grocery stores in my new area. Any thoughts on recipes with that include all the ingredients I already have would be greatly appreciated.

I woke up this morning and the squirrel that mocked me yesterday was already on the fence chowing away on more apricots. Somehow I think we are going to have a turbulent relationship for the time I am house sitting here…

apricot eating squirrel

I am still learning the area and I'm going in different directions each morning and evening as I walk Lila (the dog I'm taking care of). Today was garbage day and in this area, yard waste is placed on the street to be picked up. I walked past this pile of trimmed branches from a lemon tree with ripe lemons still attached, so I grabbed a couple:


I also found a huge one (I put the raisins in the photo to give it some perspective). The other two lemons are large.

big lemon

Apricot Banana Smoothie

Now that I have plenty of bananas (woohoo!), I can have my morning smoothies again. I scavenged a few more of the squirrel leftovers to make myself an apricot smoothie to start the morning:

apricot smoothie

Black Fig Banana Pancakes

The two black figs that I was given were ready to use, so I decided to mix them with banana to top my pancakes. While the photo of the topping doesn't look all that appetising, let me tell you that it was absolutely wonderful. I don't think I have ever had fresh figs before and if this is any indication of what they taste like, I am going to be searching for them a lot more in the future.

black fig banana pancakes

In the afternoon, I grabbed my usual peanut butter sandwich with a handful of toasted Wheat Thins chips and a glass of blueberry / pomegranate juice (half juice, half water)

Chicken Spinach Pasta Salad

The pasta salad i had made a few days ago was quite good, so I decided to make another one. This time I used penne rigate pasta, a lot more spinach and my last half tomato. I didn't have any onion left, bit I did have half the chicken breast I had cooked for the rice — cut this into small bits and I used about half of it:

chopped spinach

pasta salad

chicken pasta salad

This is the current list of food I still have
This is the current list of what I have purchased:

Goal: 100 days eating on $1 a day
Current Money Spent: $47.19
Money Left to Spend: $52.81 ($5.54 must be spent at CVS)
Retail Value of Everything Purchased: $1268.64


The Beginning ::: Day 71: Free Birthday Party Food


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  1. I am so glad to see you eating meat!! You should have a rule that you have to have protein at every meal. If that’s peanut butter, beans and rice or actual meat doesn’t matter.

  2. @OmegaMom

    I thought it might be a grapefruit when I first saw it too – nope – 100% lemon.

  3. That is a great day of healthy meals – SUCH a big change since you started this challenge! You should be proud of yourself.

    Some protein would be good for you, maybe just some protein powder in your smoothie and/or pancakes?

  4. I agree with sarah. You need a ‘balanced meal’ rule. Must have protein, carb, AND fruit/vegetables. Everyday, preferably every meal.

  5. @sarah @ami

    heh – you would have both died if you knew what I was eating before this all started. I’m not sure you realize how unbelivable it is that I am actually making my own meals to most people that know me (or even myself). I guess that doesn’t mean that I can’t still improve…

  6. Make sure to zest those lemons before you juice them! A little lemon zest in any dish goes a long way. It brings out a lit of flavor mixed in with a smoothie as well.

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