Grocery shopping has certainly changed over the years. Some changes have made a positive splash on shoppers, and others have not. While trends come and go, there are a few grocery trends here to stay. Find out what they are by following along below.

Convenient Delivery

One trend in grocery shopping has been convenient delivery. In the past, you had to go into the store to physically pick out your groceries, pay for them, and get them home. Now there is a more convenient option. That is online shopping and home delivery. Now, you can go online and grocery shop with the click of a button. If you do not feel like swinging by the store for pick-up, you can use the retailer’s delivery option or services like Instacart. When you use the services, you are paying for the convenience of someone physically picking out your items, packing them, and bringing them right to your front door. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!


Automation is one of the newer trends coming to light. In terms of grocery stores, it represents self-checkout options. There is not a store I can think of that doesn’t allow customers to check themselves out. This is especially important when stores are experiencing staff shortages. No longer do you have to waste time in a long line. You can now forgo the worker and do it yourself. I love the self check out line, especially when I go to stores like Publix and Kroger during peak hours.

Fresh To Go Meals

Lastly, there has been a move towards ready-to-serve meals! For people who don’t have time to cook or find it too taxing at the end of the day, this has been a winning trend in grocery. How convenient is it to have your meals already ready to go? All they need is for you to slap them in a pot or pan for a few minutes or throw them in the microwave! This a trend here to stay. The fresher and more varied the meals are, the more people will want them.

These are just a few trends in grocery shopping. What other trends can you think of? Drop them in the comment box below!

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