Most people struggle to figure out what they’re cooking for dinner each day. This used to be me. I have gotten a lot better now that I am on a quest for a healthier life! Now, I plan my meals for the week. I usually cook on Fridays for the following week. If you’re looking for some ideas, here’s what I’m cooking this week.

Eggplant Parmesan

To start, I will make eggplant parmesan and chicken cutlets. They’re both low in calories and high in nutrients and proteins. Eggplants are relatively cheap, costing about $2.36 apiece. I’ll be picking up mine from Misfit Market, along with chicken strips. I’ll be picking up a sauce from Publix, which has several brands of marinara sauce on BOGO this week.

Seafood Ramen

I’ve been wanting to try homemade seafood ramen for a while now, and I will make it this week. I’m going to start with spaghetti squash noodles and ramen broth that I purchased from Misfit Market for around $4. I also purchased shiitake mushrooms, scallions, organic shrimp, and napa cabbage kimchi From Misfit Market to go in it as well. It will be delicious!

Steak Dinner

The last dinner option I will prepare is a steak dinner. It is easily a favorite dish that I can cook to perfection. I grabbed two grass-feed beef ribeyes from Misfit Market for around $20. I also secured a head of cabbage for $2.56 and sweet potatoes for $2.45 from there. The leftover mushrooms from the ramen meal and blue cheese crumbles I already have in the fridge will be the perfect topping for the dish.


While I mostly cook my dinner for the week early, I need lunch as well. For that, I picked up some wagyu steakburgers. Misfit Market has three packs on sale right now for about $7 each. Paired with low-calorie buns from Healthy Life, spicy pickles from Oh Snap, and some oven-baked fries, it’s going to be the perfect meal.

Here is what I am cooking next week. What did you have in mind for yourself?

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