If you’re like most people, you think eating healthy is costly. To a degree, that could be true if you aren’t looking for the right things in the right stores. There are lots of healthy options, and they do not all come with a hefty price tag. One of my favorite healthy foods to eat is fruit, and here’s some information on how to purchase fruit for less.


When purchasing fruit, you have to go to the right store. You need to either comparison-shop or go to places that have a great value. If you are not close to a specialty store, the best way to go is a store like Aldi‘s. I have found that they have the best selection of fruits for the best price on the market. They beat out places like Publix, Kroger, and Walmart every time for me. I usually get items like spaghetti squash, bananas, grapes, strawberries, mandarin oranges, and so much more there. If you’re going to visit other stores make sure you shop for fruit that’s on sale.

Another route you could take is going to the farmers’ market. They offer a wide variety of fruits but at a better price. The only problem is, is they’re usually only open on select days and only for a short time during the year. You could find a specialty farmers market that operates year-round to help with that. One of the best places in Atlanta to go is the DeKalb farmers market. I love getting all things food-related there to include my spices, cheese, and most importantly, fruit. If you want the freshest fruit, I’d always suggest a place like Publix that has produce shipped fresh to the store daily. They often have BOGO deals to make the price worth your while as well.


Packaging absolutely matters. When it comes to what your food is in, how it got there, and how convenient it is, that packaging gets factored into pricing. If you want any type of melon in the store, the cheapest route is to always buy the whole fruit. Things like pineapples, cantaloupe, and watermelon are usually two for five at most stores, if not $3.99 each. When it comes to chunking, slicing, prepackaged, and fruit trays, you are going to pay premium pricing. The pre-packaged goods that are imported into the store are often the most expensive. Alongside prepackaged times, I also skip the chunk items and fruit trays. Instead, I have always found that sliced fruit is the most inexpensive way to go. The rine is still usually attached, but it makes for easy snacking. I just got a pack of sliced watermelon for $1.25 the other day at a store where the chunked items cost $3.99 a pack.
Fruit is a part of any major diet and should be incorporated into your meals regardless of whether you’re on one or not. The prices may vary by store, but you do not have to pay top dollar. Check out the posted video above for more information on how to purchase fresh fruit for less and follow us for more articles like this one.

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