If you’re like most people, you have to go to the grocery store and get your food for the week or month. You typically shop at one or two stores that are your favorite, and everything else is a sideshow. Why do you choose those stores? There’s gotta be something about those one or two favorites that keep you from going everywhere else. Im the same, so here are my favorite grocery chains and why.


There are so many things to love about Publix. Number one, they ship their fruit and vegetables fresh every day. They have some of the best produce on the market, but the prices are a little high. Another thing that I love about Publix is their buy one get one deals. If you pair those deals with coupons, you’re walking away with free products every time you shop.


Kroger is another one of my top spots. It’s the first one I go to whenever I think I need something. The one by me is a huge Marketplace Kroger and has everything you need from home goods to grocery items. What I love the most about them, is they have a large selection of products, and the meat prices are always cheap. Another reason why they are my favorite is that they send me personalized coupons in the mail based on my unique shopping patterns. I love getting those exclusive deals and freebies each month.


I have also started growing to love to shop at Aldi. I love that a lot of their products are very healthy for you, and they are dirt cheap. They have some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen or fruits and vegetables, making it easy to eat healthier at home. Aside from that, they always have something crazy and unique in the freezer section that I have to try. Last time it was bluebell ice cream. Before that, it was unique pizzas, seafood, and appetizers. There’s always something new to try every time I go.

These are just some of my favorite stores and the reasons I love them. What are yours?

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