I woke up without much motivation to cook, but at least with a bit more sleep. What I did know was that eating junk food all day wasn't going to cut it for a second day in a row.

One thing that I have learned about myself is although I don't care what I eat, if there is something lying around, I will eat it. Having all those snacks around just wasn't going to end well when I know I am like that. Therefore I am donating the other 5 Ritz Bits packages to the local food bank (along with 12 other bags I had picked up during the week on my walks, but knew I wouldn't be eating myself and would be going to the food bank). It will be a challenge to have enough snacks around so that I don't feel deprived while not having too many so that I feel it is OK to binge on them…

Ritz bits

Cherry Plum Smoothie

I did get myself motivated enough to make myself a morning smoothie with the rest of the cherry plums I had. I also took the advice from a number of readers saying the smoothies were likely thicker here because I was now using frozen bananas instead of fresh ones. To compensate for this, I added a bit of the blueberry pomegranate juice I had and it made all the difference – and we are back to perfect smoothies again:

cherry plum smoothie

Peanut Butter Celery & Cream Cheese Carrots

I knew that the only way to stay away from the snacks today was to limit the amount I was going to allow myself (I usually don't like doing this because it usually makes me feel deprived and wanting more, but I needed to lay down some parameters for at least the next couple of days) to one granola bar per day. That meant that I was going to need to find another snack for when those cravings came and I opted for peanut butter celery and cream cheese carrots:

peanut butter celery

carrots and cream cheese

In addition, I ate the last of my Fiber One Strawberry yogurt.

fiber one yogurt

Combining these snacks with the old reliable peanut butter and banana sandwich kept me from craving the junk food.

Chicken & Veggies Over Rice

I began to look for recipes and as soon as I did, my head started to hurt. While I had managed to suppress the cooking rebellion, it was still there. I decided to forget about following any recipe and just throw together some stuff I had since I felt at this point cooking, no matter how badly it turned out, was better than letting the rebellion come back in full force. I started off by cooking one of the chicken breasts I still had in Italian salad dressing:

chicken Italian salad dressing

Once the chicken breast was cooked, I took it out but left the remains of the Italian dressing in the pan. I then threw in a bunch of veggies I had on hand: green pepper, onion, broccoli and tomato. I added a bit of salt, pepper and garlic powder. After cooking those awhile, I took one strip from the chicken breast, cut it into small pieces and added it in with the veggies:

veggies with chicken

I then took the rest of the rice I had leftover, placed that in a bowl and put the chicken veggies on top:

chicken veggie rice

It turned out darn pretty well and I would have no problem making it again. More importantly, it got me back onto the cooking horse which I hope to stay on for a long while…

This is the current list of food I still have
This is the current list of what I have purchased:

Goal: 100 days eating on $1 a day
Current Money Spent: $49.15
Money Left to Spend: $50.85 ($5.83 must be spent at CVS, $1.50 must be spent at Safeway)
Retail Value of Everything Purchased: $1370.97


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