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Save on Gas at Your Grocery Store

There are a growing number of grocery stores that are offering discounts on gas when you purchase a certain amount of food from them. When you mee the required minimum amount, you receive a coupon for for a specific amount off per gallon of gas at an affiliated gas station in the area. With gas prices as high as they are and everyone looking to save a few pennies on gas where ever they can, this promotion has positives for … Continue reading

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Finding Hidden Discounts at BJ's, Costco and Sam's Club

Here's a tip when shopping at discount wholesale stores such as BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club. An easy way to tell if an item is on clearance is to see if the price ends in a “1” — if it does then it means it is on clearance, and usually has a significant price reduction (the price ending in 1 is the reduced price). There are a lot of items on that go on clearance for as much as 50% off … Continue reading

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20 Fruits and Vegetables To Buy Organic

One of the difficult decisions when trying to save money is whether or not to buy organic since organic foods still tend to be more expensive than non organic foods. One way to balance the need to save money and place healthy food on your table is to know which non organic foods have the greatest amount of pesticides on them. This allows you to purchase organic fruits and vegetables of those types that tend to carry the most pesticide … Continue reading

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Why Do We Have To Pay Sales Tax on Coupons?

It seems everything is taxable — even coupons! I never questioned the small print on the coupons I use, at least not the part about the customer paying sales tax. (I don't understand why a manufacturer can say a coupon shouldn't be doubled when it's the retailer that makes a doubling offer, but that's not my point here.) I never questioned the sales tax, but I know others have. Recently, when we were about to pay for new car tires, … Continue reading

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How to Get Great Deals on Vitamins

I’m usually on a health kick in some form or fashion and regardless of whether my diet works, the one constant is that being healthy is expensive.  One of the big areas that I’ve been able to manage costs is with my vitamin purchases.  Luckily, with a little planning, consultation with a doctor and some smart shopping you really can save big with your vitamin purchases.  Here are 10 simple steps to save big: Know what you need:  Figure out … Continue reading

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How To Pick Quality Fruit at the Grocery Store

Some great tips for those of you that have problems picking out good fruit at the grocery store from baselle’s Financial Diary: Good produce weighs more than you expect: Technique 1: take 5 of anything of the same size, preferably medium. Grab each one and gently hold it in the palm of your hand for a few seconds. Pick the heaviest feeling one. No need to squeeze, no need to dig in with your fingernails and disgust everyone. Works for … Continue reading

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10 Grocery Store Money Saving Myths

There was an article in the Daily News that lists 10 grocery store saving myths. Here they are according to the article: 1. Shop with a list: If you stick strictly to a list then you miss out on deals that happen not to be on your list. 2. Buy the largest size of everything: Bigger sizes can be more expensive so you are better to check unit cost. 3. Buy whole chickens and cut them up yourself: Unless you’re … Continue reading

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