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Use it or Lose it Baking today

One of the most important ways to save money is simply not to waste it in the first place.  Or, in the second place, as it were.  Stocking up on fresh produce, milk, eggs, and other basics is great when it’s free, but not so great if it spoils.  It’s the end of month, and time to check expiration dates.          I do stockpile organic and natural products, usually when they are free or nearly free after … Continue reading

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Almost free groceries, and still over budget!

For this week’s shopping, I’m already starting with a frig full of fresh produce, and a freezer well stocked from National Frozen Foods Month deals.  I have $49 left from my Costco rebate, in cash.  My goal is simply to replenish my stockpiles of nonperishable items while keeping the actual costs under $25 for the week.  I also needed to find baking goods, like butter, for the upcoming holiday.    I started with Safeway.  I hadn’t expected to find much … Continue reading

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Cash Back at Costco, and coupons too

Sale prices in my area were horrible last week!  There were a few deals to consider, but overall I passed on shopping.  Instead, I used the organic produce frozen from last summer’s gardening.  I made a huge pot of Minestrone soup, some bread, and hoped for better deals next week.   Today I used my annual Costco rebate to purchase a few “tide-me-overs”: things I’d normally stock up on for less by combining sales with coupons, but need a few … Continue reading

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Free Zyrtec Rewards Program with coupons, rebates, and gift cards

Rite Aid pharmacies just announced the new Zyrtec Rewards program. To start you off, here is a printable coupon for $4 off Zyrtec 12 count or higher!  Zyrtec coupon   You can learn more about the Rebate program, sign up, enter receipts, and receive rebates here: Zyrtec Rewards Program   By signing up, you’ll earn a $10 Rite Aid certificate for every $50 you spend on ZYRTEC® products.

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Free Money with Refund Rewards?

Acme is offering a new “deal” to stretch your tax refund a bit farther. It’s called “refund rewards”.  Now through 4/15, buy a $250 gift card for the store, and get $20 extra on the card…or buy a $300 gift card and get $30 extra on the card for free.  That’s an additional 10% “free money”, with no activation fee on the card. It sounds like a great deal, free money!  My problem is that I would have to commit … Continue reading

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Understanding the Language of Coupons

Whether or not you are new to couponing, sorting through forums, blogs, and articles filled with abbreviations and text messaging formats can be confusing, and even frustrating.  Add in deal- and coupon-specific terms and jargon, and even the most experienced shopper may be feel lost in translation.   Here is a quick reference guide of some of the most common abbreviations and terms used by couponers and deal-seekers: AC: After Coupon, usually the price after a coupon is applied Actuals: … Continue reading

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Free, or Almost Free, Schick Razors at Target!

Target is advertising, for the sale beginning 3/22 (in most areas), Schick Quattro or Schick Intuition razors at $6.99 each.  Good price, but in addition, Target is offering a $5 gift card when you buy two.  This weekends Sunday coupon insert has two $4 coupons for Schick razors, so you can get 2 razors for 98 cents when you factor in the gift card.  That’s a great deal! If you were lucky enough to receive the Target Store coupon, you can … Continue reading

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Grocery Savings with Coupons: $211 in Groceries for $42

I did my grocery shopping for this week on Monday.  Not my best shopping trip ever, but I missed the weekend specials.  I was sick, and nothing was urgent enough to share my germs and agony with fellow shoppers. Monday is not my favorite day for shopping.  Weekend specials tend to clear the shelves of any great deals, and restocking doesn’t occur until later in the week.  But I had a few check out coupons “on your next order” that … Continue reading

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If you use Probiotics, check out this deal on Sustenex

  The regular price for a 30 count package of Sustenex is $16.99 – $19.99 or higher at most grocery and drug stores.   This week, Rite Aid has Sustenex at a sale price of $9.99.  Using the $3 off Sustenex coupon from the newspaper inserts, or printed from, that down to $6.99, a savings of at least $10 off the regular price.  You can print up to 2 coupons online,   If you don’t have a local Rite Aid, … Continue reading

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$50 gift cards for Prescription RX transfer at Rite Aid

Transfer two prescriptions to Rite Aid with coupon and get a $25 gift card for each. Rite Aid $50 g/c for Rx Transfer Coupons

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