7 Simple Ways to Stretch Your Tax Refund


Beyond your regular paychecks or winning the lottery, it’s not every day you get a small windfall of money up front. The main exception, outside of an untimely death that comes with an inheritance? Tax season!

With the average tax refund just a little under $3,000, many people want to use their money in a smart way. But what’s the best way to make money count?

Check out this list of seven ways to stretch your tax money and make it count.

Short on Cash? Here’s 10 Creative Ways to Make Money

Side hustles: you’ve heard about them, and you probably have friends doing them.

And if you’re on the hunt for ways to supplement your income with some extra cash, then finding creative ways to make money is the name of the game.

Side hustles are great because often you can make extra dough while still maintaining your regular job.

Or, if you really want to dive in, you can turn your side hustles into your full-time gig. That’s an avenue that’s becoming increasingly popular as well.

Alexa, What’s For Dinner?

Alexa’s Got Skills

Alexa devices depend on skills to help out around the house. Like an app for your phone, some skills are built in, and others help out just when you need them. Dinnertime is always hectic, with homework and kids coming and going. Plant an Alexa device in the busiest room of your house, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without her.

Reception Desks That Advertise Their Unique And Unusual Designs

Offices and agencies get more and more creative these days when it comes to their spaces. The days of boring cubicle and reception areas are long gone, as employers are beginning to realize how important it is to provide an environment that triggers or activates their employees’ creativity. An office space doesn’t have to be located in a prominent building. As long as the surroundings are conducive and vibrant, it will definitely stir one’s creative juices.

Berry Salads

    Cranberry salad Even though my boys are not too much into salads this cranberry salad always has them asking for more. Cranberry salad can be a tasty treat on a very warm day with a combination of apples, celery, pineapple, oranges, and nuts.   Not everyone might want to have just salad for…

Cheap and tasty breakfast

Cheap and tasty breakfast

Breakfast has always been considered to be the most important meal of the day, and now I’m going to let you in on a secret how to make it healthy, delicious and cheap. Whether you are a meat eater or veggies lover or just have a sweet tooth, the following easy-to-prepare recipes are most likely to become your morning regular. You don’t need to have much on hand and can do only with your fridge essentials! Some ingredient and products seem quite plain and may be even tasteless, but spice them up, turn in new form and combination and get definite winners among possible breakfasts! Moreover, the main principles of healthy diet are taken into account for you not only to enjoy your meal but also to stay fit or even lose weight. You have a lot to choose from! Varieties of breakfast are so great in number: Peanut Butter-Banana Quesadillas, To-Go Baked Oatmeal cups and Marshmallow Cereal Bars for sweetums and jelly roll fans, Skillet Breakfast Nachos, Idaho Sunrise and Western Omelette for those, who are hooked on vegetables and eggs. The last one, Western Omelette is my personal all time favorite!

Top Tips for Great Holiday Photos

The holiday season is a great opportunity for a photographer to take interesting photos that capture festivities and holiday charm we all love so much. So, don’t miss your chance to save every memory and special moment this season. Little practice goes a long way, so before you start shooting check out our tips to learn how to get the most out of your camera so you can make fantastic holiday photos!