I just got back from Safeway and I was able to purchase 60 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks for free. Even if you don’t have any coupons, you should be able to purchase 5 boxes of fruit snacks for $0.45 tomorrow (Tuesday 3/8)

The key is that the Catalina machines are printing out two coupons when you purchase 5 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks. One is a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off 3 Betty Crocker fruit snacks

The other is a $3.00 off anything Catalina Coupon:

If you can find one of the $1.50 off 3 coupons lying on the ground or in a shopping cart (I was able to find one rather easily in a shopping cart), you buy 5 Betty Crocker fruit snacks for $4.95, use the $1.50 off 3 coupon reducing the price to $3.45 and then you get a $3.00 Catalina coupon making the 5 boxes only $0.45. if you also have a $0.50 off 2 manufacturer coupon from the Sunday paper, the 5 boxes are free:

The best part of this is that you will get another $1.50 off 3 coupon and the $3.00 off anything coupon which you can use to buy another five boxes for $0.45, which will trigger the coupons again. Wash, rinse, repeat all without having to clip a single coupon. This deal ends 3/8 (Tuesday) — I purchased all these for my local food bank.

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  1. Jeffrey,
    I’m off to Safeway as I received both Catalinas this weekend, although mine was $2 not $3. Giving you a big HUG for this find. My 3 kids go through these like water. Thank you for saving me so much $$!!!!

  2. I’m back from getting 15 boxes. In total I spent $1.11…although my results were a bit different as the cashier accidentally scanned one of my coupons twice and I had a .50 ecoupon in addition to not getting 2 of the $1.50 coupons. The first set of 5 I got a $1.00 off 3 coupon and a $3 catalina. 2nd and 3rd set I only received the $3 catalina. I even went to two different stores. Oh well, still in all a very good deal!

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