There are more ways than one to find a good deal. Aside from using your coupons and cash back apps, there are always items on clearance. For me, I love when I find markdowns in store. Sometimes I can try new products that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Other times I save on the products I already love. If you love these kinds of sales, find out the best time to check store clearances.

Early Morning

My favorite time to purchase clearance items is early in the morning. I often find myself at stores like Kroger around 6 AM. At that time, store clerks are often marking down food and household goods. It’s not uncommon for me to find deals on pampers, laundry detergent, fruit, and other household staples. I find that there is more variety and quantity of items during that time. Once you go later in the day, those same shelves are mostly bare.


Most new ad sales start mid-week. If there are leftover items from the previous sale, stores often make room by offering clearance pricing on them. Aside from that, I noticed many grocery stores mark down items during the middle of the week. They do so as the product is nearing its due date or becomes discontinued. If you want more concrete answers to the best time to check store clearances, you can call the stores closest to you and inquire about their markdown schedule.

End of Season

Another great time to find markdown items is right after a season has ended. If you wait just one day after a major holiday, most seasonal items will be at least 75% off in grocery stores. If you wait until the end of the week, or maybe even the following week, you could see prices as low as 90% off the retail value. I love to hunt for sales after Christmas, Easter, and New Years’. The items I find help me plan and decorate for parties at my job throughout the year. Seasonal sale items also helped me get stocked up and ready for the following year’s celebrations.

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