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$1 Thanksgiving Dinner For Six

Let me begin by unequivocally stating that I will never do another challenge that involves me cooking. My sister is not happy with this decision because she’s arguing that I failed in the challenge and therefore I should have to try it again next year (I’m convinced that she simply liked the fact that she didn’t have to cook the meal this year and would like to make that a regular event). While the overall $1 Thanksgiving Dinner challenge went … Continue reading

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An Executive Decision: $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

Because I simply am a glutton for punishment, I decided that I would make both pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes as part of the $1 Thanksgiving Dinner challenge. With the $10 Visa card I got for free in my back pocket, I went to pick up the last of the things I needed to create my Thanksgiving meal. After my trash can experience getting Catalina coupons, there were a lot of readers that suggested that I check out the trash … Continue reading

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Free Turkey! $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

It’s beginning to look like I may actually be able to pull off this $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge. At least today I made a big step in the right direction and I’m sitting in a pretty good position to get all the things that I will need. Of course, then I actually have to make an edible meal which anyone who followed my Eating Well On $1 A Day Challenge knows is far from certain. I went to see if … Continue reading

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The Secret Free Turkey Plan May Have Worked: $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

I had a lot of mixed feelings about putting my secret free turkey plan into motion for the $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge. On the one hand, had I been a little more organized and had a little bit of luck, I would have already had a free turkey when Safeway offered their free turkey with a $100 purchase a few weeks ago. The problem was that with the sales that were on at that time, I could only find a … Continue reading

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Free Cranberry Sauce, Chicken Stock & Green Beans: $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

I think that there is some type of curse when it comes to me shopping at Walgreens. There is a Walgreens near the house, but I usually avoid it in favor of CVS where I have had many less issues when using coupons. With Thanksgiving day quickly approaching and current deals few and far between, I decided that it would be impossible to pass on the $3.00 Vicks Nyquil Sinex money maker there this week which goes like this: Vicks … Continue reading

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Welcome Fox & Friends Morning Show Readers

Welcome to all of those that found there way here through the Fox & Friends morning show. here a re a few helpful inks to challenges and information that may be of interest. Feel free to see the progression of the $1 Thanksgiving Dinner for Six challenge or the Eating Well on $1 a Day challenge. You can also read how I make couponing as painless as possible or a recent example of how I was able to things for … Continue reading

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Time To Start To Panic? $1 Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge

I just received the grocery store advertising inserts for this week and took a quick look through them — all I can say is that things are looking pretty grim for my $1 Thanksgiving Dinner for 6 People. None of the grocery stores in my area are offering a free turkey promotion and since next week ads begin the day before Thanksgiving, it would not be advisable for me to count on something from them pulling me through. Looking at … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need Money To Make A Difference

I just purchased 480 Pillsbury Grands biscuits for my local food banks and it didn’t cost me a cent (if fact, I actually made a couple dollars from the grocery store in the process). Add that to the 120 biscuits and the 138 biscuits I purchased at no cost earlier in the week, and I ended getting 737 Pillsbury Grands biscuits for free. Once I found out about the deal (explanation of how I did the deal), I placed an … Continue reading

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Free Hot Chocolate: $1 Thanksgiving Meal Challenge

Although hot chocolate was not on the original list of things I was planning to get for the Thanksgiving Dinner For 6 For $1 Challenge, it seemed like a good addition for the kids, and especially if Thanksgiving ends up being a cold day. Swiss Miss 10 pack boxes are currently on sale for $0.99 at Target and there is a $1.00 off 1 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate coupon in the Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book making them free (it has … Continue reading

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How To Get A Free Thanksgiving Turkey

I believe that the biggest challenge for the Thanksgiving dinner for six for $1 challenge is going to be getting the Thanksgiving turkey. Turkeys get greatly discounted at this time of the year to bring people into the grocery stores, but since I am only working with $1 for the entire meal, even that is too expensive. While I hope that the stars align and there is a great free turkey deal out there which I can take advantage of, … Continue reading

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