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The Final Day – Day 100: Eating Well On $1 A Day

It is hard to believe that I have reached the 100 day milestone. Even more surprising is that the eating well on $1 a day has gone so well that I don’t feel any desire to immediately change the way that I have been eating (or that my cooking didn’t result in mt poisoning myself in some way). It has become a routine and the fact that it has tells me that it is possible to do this long term … Continue reading

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Realising I Have No Common Sense – Day 99: Eating Well On $1 A Day

My friends know me far too well and this is not a good thing. Whenever one of them wants to do something that they can’t convince any of their other friends to do, they inevitably come to me knowing that I will think it is a great idea — well, at least until I realize what I have agreed to do. A perfect example is a friend that asked me to run a half marathon. I, in my completely unfathomable … Continue reading

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Garden Rivals – Day 98: Eating Well On $1 A Day

The weather has been a lot cooler than usual which has meant that the garden which I had planned to use to supplement the food that I purchased with coupons has taken a lot longer to produce food than I thought it would. Had this been the only issue, I probably would have been enjoying the fruits of my labor for a couple of weeks, but that has not been the case. Once again I find myself on the losing … Continue reading

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Maturity Level Of A Three Year Old – Day 79: Eating Well On $1 A Day

Here is a question for anyone that reads this blog that lives in the San Francisco south bay area (if there is anyone) – would there be any interest in meeting as a group so that I can answer any questions you have about how I do the couponing? If there are any individuals that think they would find this useful, I think it would also be beneficial for me to make sure I don't miss any important points in … Continue reading

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The Plastic Bag Omelet – Day 78: Eating Well On $1 A Day

I wish that cooking could always be this much fun as I had today (see below to the plastic bag omelet). It was a good reprieve from looking at cooking as a chore and I think it has helped me defeat the cooking rebellion (at least for the time being). I had run out of fruit so I kept my eyes open while taking my morning walk with Lila (photo of my current companion) and found some plum trees along … Continue reading

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With Compliments Like That… Day 74: Eating Well On $1 A Day

I was talking to some friends about this Eating Well On $1 A Day challenge when the following conversation took place. Friend 1: “So why do you think that the blog has captured the attention of some people? I mean, there are others that have done things like this before you.” Me: “I'm not sure.” Friend 2: “You give people hope.” Friend 1: “What do you mean?” Friend 2: “They see someone that seems to be doing something impossible with … Continue reading

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I Can't Flip Omelets – Day 73: Eating Well On $1 A Day

When I arrived to house sit, the next door neighbor had a tree full of apricots. Literally hundreds. When you looked up, it seemed there was more orange than there was green from the leaves. There were so many apricots that the squirrels had plenty of them to mock me with, but that is no longer the case. The squirrels have decimated the fruit in less than a week and the tree now stands fruitless: I'm not sure if this … Continue reading

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Apparently Eating On $1 A Day Is Too Easy – Day 61: Eating Well On $1 A Day

Apparently my sister has decidede that simply eating on $1 a day is too easy. With me ending month 2 with over $20 to spare and slowly eating better food and learning slowly to cook better meals, my sister has gone into full SARBSS mode in an attempt to make things more difficult for me for month #3. Some of the “suggestions” have been to make the challenge living well on $0.50 a day, to be required to buy any … Continue reading

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Should I Continue The Eating Well On $1 A Day Challenge?

The end of the month is quickly approaching and I need to make a decision again whether to end this challenge or shoot for 100 days (100 days on $1 a day just seems to have a nice ring to it). I’m pretty sure that I could do it (although there would undoubtedly be more disasters along the way) and hopefully continue to improve my cooking a bit more. The problem is that this challenge is taking a lot of … Continue reading

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Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Day 57: Eating Well On $1 A Day

One of the perks of having a bit more of a stockpile of food is that I don't need to go to the grocery store as often as I did in the beginning days of this challenge. I wanted to wait to go since there were a couple of Saturday and Sunday only deals this week at Safeway that I was interested in getting. I combined these the Kraft salad dressing money maker to buy the following: The first purchase … Continue reading

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